MDC Soft-E Smart Collar - Medium

The MDC Soft-E Smart Collar is made from washable, noise absorbing, padded fabric to allow maximum freedom of movement whilst ensuring protection from self-trauma. Suitable for dogs.
Brand Soft-E
Manufacturer MDC
Species Dog
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What is the MDC Soft-E Smart Collar?


The MDC Soft-E Smart Collar is an Elizabethan collar designed for use on dogs. This collar can be used to prevent the animal from interfering with stitches, bandages or wounds. It can also be used to prevent the animal causing self-trauma to problematic areas such as skin allergy flare-ups, excessive licking or chewing of certain areas and even cases of over grooming.


This collar differs from the traditional veterinary collars as it is made from washable padded fabric and is flexible, lightweight and folds for easy storage (without compromising the collars shape). Featuring a drawstring design for a precise and sure fit. The use of fabric instead of plastic on this collar protects furniture and owner’s legs, whilst allowing free movement of the animal’s head and neck. This means that it is more comfortable for the animal to walk, eat, drink and sleep – aiding a quick recovery. The uncoated, non-woven fabric is non-allergenic, non-toxic and water resistant.


Soft-E Smart Collars also absorb noise, which makes it ideal for use in crates, kennels, and carriers as it doesn’t bang or bash against the walls. This factor makes these collars very well tolerated by animals with eye, ear, or nose injuries and for other head sensitive pets.


What are the benefits of using the MDC Soft-E Smart Collar?


Padded fabric




Flexible and foldable

Water resistant



Noise absorbing

Drawstring for easy fastening

Protects against self-trauma

Suitable for dogs




How do I use the MDC Soft-E Smart Collar?


Fitting Instructions:

Loosen the drawstring.

Gently place over animal’s head and neck, ensuring ears are not caught.

Fasten the drawstring.

Check that the collar is secure, but comfortable.


Size Guide:

Size Neck Size Length of Collar
Extra Small (Size 1) 24cm 10cm
Small (Size 2) 31cm 14cm
Medium (Size 3) 40cm 16cm
Large (Size 4) 50.5cm 20cm
Extra Large (Size 5) 53cm 24cm
Greyhound (Size 6) 40cm 32cm


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