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Why do you need to treat your home?cat snoozing in duvet

As well as treating your pet for fleas it is also a good idea to treat your home too! Although adult fleas lay their eggs on your pet, they don’t stay on your pet for long and fall off into the surrounding environment – your home!  It’s here that they will develop into the next generation of fleas, that will be eager to hop right back onto your pet for a quick bite to eat!


Psst…flea larvae hate the light and love to hide out in their favourite dark hidey-holes, like under your sofa and between your floorboards! So, be sure to vacuum these areas with extra care!


Does your pet have a house dust mite allergy?

We also have products to help control dust mites in your home and keep your pet happy and free from the itchy-scratchies! 





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  • Indorex Household Flea Spray (500ml)

    INDOREX® is an odourless, easy-to-use environmental flea treatment which kills adult fleas and house dust mites as...
  • VetOne Flea Spray (400ml)

    VetOne Flea Spray is environmentally-friendly and pesticide-free treatment which eliminates fleas, mites and pupae in...
  • Frontline Homegard Flea Spray 400ml

    Frontline HomeGard is a household flea spray designed for use in your home and surrounding environments.


  • Acclaim Household Flea Spray (500ml)

    ACCLAIM is a long-lasting environmental flea spray. One can covers 175m2 (the equivalent of a four-bedroom house)....
  • R.I.P Fleas Extra Household Spray...

    R.I.P Fleas Extra is a long-lasting environmental household flea spray that uses a unique triple action formula to...
  • Staykil Plus Household Flea Spray...

    STAYKIL PLUS is an odourless environmental flea treatment which provides long lasting protection against fleas in your...