Oralade GI Support for Cats & Dogs 500ml

Oralade Gi support is a highly palatable isotonic formula, containing essential electrolytes, functional amino acids, glucose and prebiotics in purified water, with a natural chicken flavour.
Brand Oralade
Manufacturer Macahl Animal Health
Species Cat, Dog
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Aidez votre chien ou votre chat à se remettre plus vite lors de gastroentérite avec Ultradiar !

Ultradiar 20 gelules

  • Ultradiar a un grand pouvoir absorbant et adsorbant des gaz, des liquides et des toxines.
  • Ultradiar permet de former un film protecteur de la muqueuse intestinale. Il stimule les défenses immunitaires locales et inhibe le développement de bactéries opportunistes nocives.
  • Ultradiar est très appétent chez le chat !!!!
Ultradiar 20 gelules

Know more about Ultradiar 20 gelules


What is Oralade GI Support?


It is a dietetic complementary feed to help in the management of acute intestinal absorptive disorders, such as; recovery from acute vomiting/diarrhoea, pre/post GI surgery, anorexia and critical care.

Fast effective rehydration and nutritional support

High palatability encourages drinking even when nauseous

Helps restore fluid & electrolyte balance for faster recovery

Zero contraindications, Hypoallergenic


More than just rehydration!

Its unique isotonic formula contains essential electrolytes, functional amino acids, glucose and prebiotics in purified water, with a natural chicken flavour.

The balance of fluids, electrolytes and essential nutrients, provide fast acting rehydration and also nourish the cells lining the GI tract to help speed recovery and maintain the natural barrier.

Made using a natural chicken flavour, Oralade GI support is highly palatable and stimulates pets to drink more when needed, even when nauseous. It tastes so good there’s even a palatability guarantee!

Oralade GI support is low protein and 0% fat, making it highly-digestible and suitable for use with pets that have acute or chronic gastrointestinal disorders. The Chicken flavour is hydrolysed making it hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for pets with food allergies.

Zero contraindications make it suitable for pets suffering from kidney or urinary problems or diabetes, encouraging increased fluid intake to help flush their system and maintain hydration. It is particularly useful during hot weather, whelping and lactation, travelling or any stressful situation.


Oralade Microenteral Nutrition


Oralade Oral Rehydration Therapy


What are the benefits of using Oralade GI Supoort?



Isotonic formula

Suitable for dogs & cats

Helps with oral rehydration and micro-enteral nutrition

Suitable for hypoallergic or renal patients

Suitable for dealing with pancreatitis or for tube feeding

Contains glutamate and glycine

Provides ready-to-use energy

Ultra-low in fat

Contains hydrolysed chicken liver and no bitter-tasting preservatives

Highly palatable

Replaces lost nutrients

Fast absorption




What is in Oralade GI Support?


Oralade Composition


How much Oralade GI Support should I feed?


Oralade Feeding guide


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