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Time for a quick brush!

From clippers to detangling tools, we have everything you will need to tame your pet's wayward tresses so that they can proudly stroll around the neighbourhood with their head held high, shiny, sleek and tangle-free!


Pets' need pedicures too!

Keeping your pet's nails trimmed to the correct length on all four paws is really important, as their nails can quickly become overlong and can even start to curl and grow into their pads, which is extremely uncomfortable!  To avoid this check and trim your pet's nails regularly -don't forget their dew claws!


If your pet enjoys strolling around on hard ground on a regular basis then they may not need their nails trimming quite as frequently.  However, if your pooch loves nothing better than running through the woods or hiking across fields, then they may need their nails checking more frequently, as they will not be worn down as quickly.


How to trim your pet's nails:


• Select clippers appropriate for your pet's size and species.

• If your pet is frightened or wriggly,  it may be safer to take them to a professional e.g. your vet or a groomer. 

• To avoid any bleeding or discomfort take less rather than more.

• Older pets' nails will have longer 'quicks', so start by trimming only a small amount.

• If you're unsure how much to trim, start by clipping just a small amount (even just a few mm).

• Puppies and Kittens have nails that are sharp but not long - use a nail file to gently smooth the tips.

• If you're not confident at clipping your own pet's nails, take them to a vet or a groomers.

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