Audevard Redplex Booster 60ml

Redplex Booster is a complementary feed formulated by AUDEVARD Laboratories. It is designed to provide additional nutrition for horses in training and competition, as well as those that are underperforming.
Brand Redplex
Manufacturer Audevard
Species Horse or Pony
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On the day of a race or event, horses may need additional nutritional support for sufficient energy and strength. The Redplex Booster formula has a very high vitamin and mineral, folic acid, iron and antioxidant content. Redplex Booster provides nutrients such as vitamins and minerals (iron etc.) that are especially valuable for horses that are being worked hard.


Audevard Advice:
Give Redplex Booster outside mealtimes.

Syringe format

Practical and easy to carry

Apple flavour

Does not contain any ingredients that could lead to a positive result during anti-doping tests, and can therefore be used safely in all circumstances.


Raw materials: Dextrose, propylene glycol ; Additives : 3a- Vitamins, pro-vitamins and substances with similar effect : 3a700 vitamin E (dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 77,560 mg, vitamin B1 520 mg, vitamin B2 260 mg, vitamin B6 140 mg, E672 vitamin A 435,000 IU, 3a316 folic acid 120 mg, vitamin B12 20 mg.

3b- Trace elements: E1 iron (sulphate) 5000 mg, E6 zinc (sulphate) 1750 mg, E4 copper (sulphate) 680 mg, E5 manganese (sulphate) 670 mg, 3b810 organic selenium (selenomethionine) 16 mg

Analytical constituents: Humidity 40%, crude protein 0.5%, crude fats 1%, crude ash 2%, crude cellulose 1.5%, sodium 0%.


Average daily intake (60 ml):
Dextrose: 32 g
Vitamin A: 26,100 IU
Vitamin E: 4653 mg
Vitamin B1: 31.2 mg
Vitamin B2: 15.6 mg
Vitamin B6: 8.4 mg
Vitamin B12: 1.2 mg
Folic acid: 7.2 mg
Iron: 300 mg
Zinc: 105 mg
Copper: 40.8 mg
Manganese: 40.2 mg

Complementary feed for horses, to be given ahead of important events such as competitions, races and intense training sessions. Also for stallions during the breeding season.

Daily allowance: 1 to 2 boosters, depending on the planned activity. Administer Redplex Booster directly into the horse’s mouth, preferably between feeds and in the hours preceding exercise. Redplex Booster can also be administered after intense exercise.

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