How to choose a good pet bed 

By the Big Dog Bed Company

  1. Big enough for them to stretch out or curl up on, as the mood takes them.
  2. Big enough so that they do not dangle off the edge of it.
  3. Allow them to lie in various positions and not be forced to curl up due to the shape and size of the bed.
  4. If you want the bed to have sides so that your dog can snuggle into it, just make sure the flat centre of the bed is large enough for them also to be able to lie completely flat.
  5. If your dog overheats easily, avoid a soft bed that they will sink into.  Memory foam retains heat, so this is better avoided for dogs that feel the heat.  
  6. Long legged dogs tend to like a firm surface as a soft one make them feel unstable.  
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