Catsan Ultra Clumping Cat Litter 5L

Catsan Clumping Ultra Cat Litter offers ultra absorption with select fine clay granules that quickly capture moisture in small clumps, which are easy to remove every day for a very practical and economical way to keep the litter tray fresh.
Brand Catsan
Manufacturer Catsan
Species Cat
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What is Catsan Ultra Clumping  Cat Litter?

Catsan Clumping Litter consist of very fine clay granules that immediately form small firm clumps when coming into contact with liquid.

These compact clumps can be easily removed every day, so that only clean and dry litter remains in the litter tray.

There is no time for odours to develop, and the formation and removal of small solid clumps means you don't need to replace the entire litter tray as often.

That's why CATSAN Clumping Litter lasts much longer than conventional lightweight litter products.

What are the benefits of using Catsan Ultra Clumping Cat Litter?

100% natural clay.
Super clumping fine-grained granules.
Natural odour control.
No additives or chemicals.
Highly absorbent
Suitable for all cat breeds.
Economical – long lasting.
Virtually dust-free.

5 litre ; 2kg
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