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CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus is a pure natural product, produced from 100 % renewable organic fibre – raw material without artificial and chemical additives.


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CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus litter is a natural odour and germ trap. 

  • Excellent absorption
  • More economical and efficient  
  • Total odour control
  • Compostable and 100 % biodegradable
  • Significantly less waste
  • Easier to transport

CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus litter is a pure natural product, produced from 100 % renewable organic fibre – raw material without artificial and chemical additives. For the production of CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus only the finest organic fibres from untreated, domestic fir and spruce wood are used. These plant products occur continuously and healthy forests are maintained.

At the same time, these plant fibre products are subject to the environmentally compatible natural biological cycle  from the plant seedling to the rotting biological decomposition product. CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus is not just compostable, it is actually one hundred percent biodegradable. CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus consists 100 % of renewable plant fibres and is supplied in an environmentally friendly paper bag.

CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus is one of the most absorbent clumping litters on the market anywhere. The naturally fine structure of the plant fibres ensures that CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus can absorb seven times the amount of water volume – that is 700%! Unpleasant odours are permanently neutralised and contained in the interior of the fibre.

10 litres

100% natural organic fibre

CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus is made up of natural organic fibres. That is why the soiled litter can be disposed* of in the normal household toilet similarly to toilet paper.

By contrast with conventional mineral-based cat litters which can only be disposed of as domestic waste, CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus is a pure plant cat litter, making it 100 % biodegradable. So you can dispose of it on the compost or in a compost bin*.

Please take care: Please only give single waste clumps into the household toilet, wait some time until the material has dissolved in the water and then flush intensely.

 Allow the clump to dissolve before flushing until the material has been washed away completely. 
The water needs to swill the litter particles around and penetrate them sufficiently to enable it to flush correctly. Only after that should you put the next clump in the toilet. It’s even easier if you crush the clumps a little bit first with the scoop. 

The domestic toilet is not suitable for the disposal of the other residual used cat litter tray materials. Please dispose of the rest of the litter tray content with the compost or bio-waste container.

Please dispose of the rest of the toilet content with the compost or bio-waste container.

The amount of material and work required for cleaning and filling of the cat toilet is reduced to a minimum. Use that additional time for your darling cat.


* Be sure to check your local disposal regulations!