Beco Blue Natural Rubber Hoop on Rope - Small

Beco Hoop on a Rope is toxin free and made from natural rice husk rubber and cotton, the rubber hoop extra durable and perfect for teething puppies. The rope means that it is great for throwing.
Brand Beco Pets
Manufacturer Beco
Species Dog
In stock

Designed to be as stretchy and flexible as possible, the Beco Hoop on rope is made from our natural rice husk rubber making it non-toxic and extra durable. The Beco Hoop’s varying thickness around its circumference makes it easy for any size of dog to get a good grip. Perfect for teething puppies.Providing your dog with fun for hours on end, the Beco Ball on rope is made from natural rubber and cotton. Our natural rubber is extra strong and durable making it great for chewers. The cotton rope is easy to grip and means the pet owner can get a bit of extra throwing distance in the park without putting their arm out. This pet toy is naturally toxin free and better for the environment!

Large 15.6cm in diameter

Small 12cm in diameter

  • Vanilla scented
  • Sustainable and natural
  • Varying circumference thickness allows for your dog to get a good grip
  • Made from natural rubber and rice husks
  • Flexible yet durable
  • 2 sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Toxin free

natural rubber and rice husks

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