Dentagen Chews for Large Dogs (pack of 14)

DENTAGEN® CHEWS for dogs are highly palatable dental chews which clean the teeth and supplement levels of RF2, a natural plant compound which inhibits plaque formation, to prevent bad breath and control plaque build up.
Brand Dentagen
Manufacturer Dechra
Species Dog
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DENTAGEN® CHEWS for dogs  are low-calorie tasty treats which help to maintain plaque prevention without affecting your pet’s usual diet. Their special design and shape provides tooth cleaning right down to the gum line.

DENTAGEN® CHEWS contain RF2 - a natural plant compound which reduces plaque formation, thereby helping to prevent tooth and gum disease. Dentagen® Chews therefore help maintain dental health by using a mechanical chewing action as well as helping to supplement RF2 levels between brushing.

Treating your dog to a tasty Dentagen® Chew every other day, in addition to brushing his or her teeth every day with Dentagen® Toothpaste, and using Dentagen® Aqua in the drinking water, will help improve dental health in your dog. Poor dental health leads to bad breath, problems eating, gum and tooth pain, tooth loss, lethargy, and if untreated can lead to more serious problems such as damage to internal organs through bacteria entering the bloodstream.


14 chews (one month pack)


Cereal grains (corn flour), rheum palmatum (source of RF2), minerals (phosphorus), preservatives, flavours and antioxidants: EU approved additives


Dentagen large chews are for dogs over 8kg.

Give one chew every other day.


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