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Zylkene Chews help pets to overcome stressful situations and support the prevention of unwanted behaviour. Suitable for cats and dogs under 10kg.






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What are Zylkene Chews?


Zylkene Chews help cats and dogs cope with stressful situations and facilitates prevention of unwanted behaviour.


Alpha-casozepine is the main ingredient and promotes and enhances relaxed behaviour in pets. It is an ingredient derived from a milk protein which has calming properties. Learning new behaviours is easier in a relaxed animal.


These chews are suitable for cats and small dogs up to 10kg.


When to use Zylkene Chews?


Zylkene chews are designed to help cats and dogs during times of stress or to help facilitate the prevention of unwanted behaviour. These can include:


Vet visits


Groomer visits

New baby

New pet

New home

Noise phobias


Home alone

Inappropriate soiling

Destructive behaviour

Inappropriate vocalisation

14 chews

What is in Zylkene Chews?


Zylkene® contains alpha-S1 tryptic casein, commonly known as alpha-casozepine, an ingredient derived from milk protein that has calming properties.

How do I use Zylkene Chews?


The chews can be given directly to your pet as a single dose.


Short term use: Use for 1 - 2 days before the disturbing event or change in environment. For some animals, it may be necessary to start using earlier (5-7 days before). If you have a serious behaviour problem, ask a veterinarian for advice.


Longer term use: 1 - 2 months


Daily allowance:

Cats and dogs up to 5kg: 1 chew a day

Cats and dogs weighing 5 - 10kg: 2 chews per day