Woof & Brew Ha-Pee Lawns Herbal Tonic for Dogs 330ml

Woof & Brew Ha-Pee Lawns Tonic is a nutritionally-balanced, specialised blend of herbs. Tried & tested, this tonic reduces burn patches on lawns, and benefits you dog’s wellbeing too.
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What is Woof & Brew Ha-Pee Lawns Herbal Tonic?


Woof & Brew Ha-Pee Lawns has been formulated to combat urine burn patches on lawns, as well as making sure it’s good for your dog too. Unlike many other lawn care products on the market, Woof & Brew’s tried and tested Ha-Pee Lawns blend is packed full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that benefit your dog, as well as neutralising the alkalinity of the dog’s urine.


What causes urine burns?
Urine contains high quantities of ammonia, which contains nitrogen. In the correct concentration, nitrogen is beneficial to plants and grass and is commonly found in fertilisers. Unfortunately, the concentration of nitrogen in Urine is very high, so the area of grass that receives the high doses of nitrogen dies, creating the brown burn patches.


How does Ha-Pee Lawns work?
Ha-Pee lawns is a specialised blend of herbs which offer specific benefits to both dogs and lawns. The herbs used in this blend help to neutralise the ammonia and nitrogen in dog’s urine, as well as providing cleansing and detoxifying properties that help to support your dog’s urine flow and the overall health of their urinary systems.


How does each herb benefit my dog?

Alfalfa is rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium in addition to most vitamins and chlorophyll. This makes alfalfa a good detoxifier and blood purifier. Alfalfa particularly helps keep the urinary tract healthy and free of impurities.

Yucca Root helps to stop the burn patches on the lawn by neutralising the alkalinity of a dog’s urine.

Tomato Flakes not only add a pleasant taste to Ha-Pee lawns, the flakes also help to neutralise the ammonia in a dog’s urine – the primary cause of lawn burns.

Marshmallow Root supports the urinary tract and its cleansing properties help to ensure a normal and healthy urine flow.

Dandelion is rich in minerals and vitamins, and is also high in anti-oxidants. As well as supporting urine flow, these properties all help flush toxins and impurities from the body and urinary tract.

Nettle is rich in vitamin C and many other powerful natural anti-oxidants. These act alongside the dandelion to have a gentle detoxing effect on the urinary system.

Golden Rod is another herb with cleansing properties, helping to keep the urinary tract healthy and free of impurities.


Woof & Brew’s range of healthy, herbal tonics for dogs are a complementary pet food, created & blended to support your dog’s specific needs. The blends are all veterinary approved as safe & the herbs used are left intact, rather than ground, to provide optimum nutritional benefits.

Woof & Brew seek external expert advice, including veterinary surgeons, who advise the following:

- It is recommended that dogs are over 4 months before using any supplement.
- Pregnant or nursing dogs, or those suffering from a chronic long-term illness, should seek veterinary advice before using any supplement.


Please Note: This product is a herbal supplement only and should not be used to directly replace normal nutrition, or medicine prescribed from a veterinary surgeon.


What are the benefits of using Woof & Brew Ha-Pee Lawns Herbal Tonic?


100% natural

Specialised blend of herbs

Nutritionally balanced

Tried & tested – 8/10 proven success within 3 weeks

Helps to support urinary system

Helps to support urine flow

Neutralises ammonia and nitrogen in urine

Reduces urine burn patches on lawns

Simple to serve




What is in Woof & Brew Ha-Pee Lawns Herbal Tonic?


Composition: Water-based infusion of Yucca Root, Marshmallow Root, Golden Rod, Dandelion, Tomato Flakes, Nettle & Alfalfa. 


Additive: Preservatives - Potassium sorbate & Sodium benzoate.


How much Woof & Brew Herbal Tonic should I use?


Instructions for use:

Shake well before use.

Add the required capfuls (see below) each day to either your dog’s water bowl or over their food. Refrigerate once opened & use within 1 month.


Daily Amounts:

Serving Guide


Please note: Please ensure alternative drinking water is available when this product is first introduced.


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