Woof & Brew Anxious Hound Herbal Tonic for Dogs 330ml

Woof & Brew Anxiety Tonic is a nutritionally-balanced, specialised blend of herbs, providing naturally calming & settling qualities. This tonic supports both the mental & physical well-being of dogs.
Brand Woof & Brew
Manufacturer Woof & Brew
Species Dog
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What is Woof & Brew Anxiety Herbal Tonic?


Woof & Brew Anxiety is ideal for using as a daily natural calmant for anxious or nervous dogs, or before stressful situations such as fireworks or car journeys.


How does each herb benefit my dog?

Skullcap is a vitamin packed herb known for its calming properties. It helps with restlessness & anxiety and is particularly effective with helping to ease the panic and trembling associated with fears & phobias.

Devil’s Claw contains large amounts of iridoid glycosides, making it ideal to help support muscles and joints, along with other signs associated with aging.

Astragalus is well known for supporting the immune system – anxious and stressed dogs tend to have a supressed immune system and are prone to picking up infections.

Lime flowers are a natural calmant that help with stress, tension and anxiety. It also helps to support general muscle movement and blood pressure.

Orange flowers promote emotional balance and have calming and soothing properties.

Lavender has been used for centuries as a natural calming and settling herb – not only for animals, but for people too! Lavender helps dogs cope with modern life, as well as stressful situations & travelling long distances.

Rose petals are not only calming but promote an uplifting, positive feeling. This is beneficial for dogs that feel anxious but is also good for dogs that a feeling down and depressed.

This product would be suitable for dogs who become nervous during kennel stays.


Woof & Brew’s range of healthy, herbal tonics for dogs are a complementary pet food, created & blended to support your dog’s specific needs. The blends are all veterinary approved as safe & the herbs used are left intact, rather than ground, to provide optimum nutritional benefits.

Woof & Brew seek external expert advice, including veterinary surgeons, who advise the following:

- It is recommended that dogs are over 4 months before using any supplement.
- Pregnant or nursing dogs, or those suffering from a chronic long-term illness, should seek veterinary advice before using any supplement.


Please Note: This product is a herbal supplement only and should not be used to directly replace normal nutrition, or medicine prescribed from a veterinary surgeon.


What are the benefits of using Woof & Brew Anxiety Herbal Tonic?


100% natural

Specialised blend of herbs

Nutritionally balanced

Helps to support body & mind

Natural calmant

Anxiety relief

Simple to serve




What is in Woof & Brew Anxiety Herbal Tonic?


Composition: Water-based infusion of Rose petals, Lavender, Devil’s Claw, Orange flowers, Skullcap, Astragalus & Lime flower


Additive: Preservatives - Potassium sorbate & Sodium benzoate.


How much Woof & Brew Herbal Tonic should I use?


Instructions for use:

Shake well before use.

Add the required capfuls (see below) each day to either your dog’s water bowl or over their food. Refrigerate once opened & use within 1 month.


Daily Amounts:

Serving Guide


Please note: Please ensure alternative drinking water is available when this product is first introduced.


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