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Check out our selection of eye products and cleaners to help keep your pet's peepers in perfect health.

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  • CleanOcular for cats & dogs (100ml)

    CleanOcular is a cleaning solution for use around the eyes in cats in dogs


  • Lintbells YuCare Eye Cleaning Spray...

    YUCARE EYE CLEANING SPRAY is an easy and effective way to clean and protect the area around your pet's eyes. The YUCARE...
  • Lintbells YuCare Eye/Ear Cleaning Cloth

    LINTBELLS YUCARE EAR & EYE CLEANER is a specially designed microfibre cloth for the gentle cleaning of ears and eyes.
  • Lubrithal Ophthalmic Gel (10g)

    Lubrithal Opthalmic Gel is a lubricating fluid for dry eyes in cat or dogs.
  • Vetruus Iryplus Pocket Eye Wipes

    Vetruus Iryplus Pocket Eye Wipes are ideal for cleaning the eye are of cats and dogs on-the-go.