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Malulu dog collars are beautifully hand-crafted in Kenya using glass beads, free-range leather and recycled brass. Malulu is proud to support the local artisans in their vision for ‘Trade, Not Aid’.




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What are Malulu Dog Collars?


Malulu hand-beaded dog collars are made with love in Kenya. Each item is beautifully crafted by specially trained artisans using glass beads. The items are hand-stitched to make them exceptionally strong and long lasting.


Every bead is sewn on to free-range Kenyan cow hide, which is a naturally robust leather. They are then finished on the inside with a softer goat leather lining.


The sturdy solid brass buckle and ‘D’ ring are hand-cast using recycled brass padlocks and water taps. This form of recycling not only benefits the environment but creates employment as well.

Every Dog Collar comes with either a beaded ‘disc’ or ‘bone’ charm, depending upon the design.


The Mini:

Malulu Collar Diagram


What is Malulu and what is the story behind the collars?


Malulu’s vision is to help empower deprived communities in Kenya to lift themselves out of poverty through their mission statement: ‘Trade, not Aid’.


These dog collars are created and supplied to Malulu by Zinj Design, who have now trained over 80 artisans. The workshop is based on the Kenyan coast, and provides an invaluable source of employment for the communities in the local area and beyond.


Before joining Zinj Design, many of the villagers were either unemployed or doing very sporadic, poorly paid agricultural work. In joining Zinj Design, workers are now part of a sustainable source of employment and a regular wage. Zinj Design not only provides employment, but advice and support also. Zinj Design hold a policy that each worker has their wages paid into the worker’s bank account, rather than being paid in cash. This system helps enable their workers to better manage their money and encourage them to save for the future.


Women have benefitted in particular, as there is virtually no employment for women throughout the area. Poverty means that very few women ever go to school, yet many of them must raise a family alone. Malulu wholeheartedly supports Zinj Design’s encouragement of women to attend training sessions, and to take on what is traditionally a man’s craft.

The steady income that creating these beautiful collars brings, means that the workers can settle down with their families and send their children to school. 


Malulu has been working closely with Zinj Design since 2013, and their successes are strongly reflected by Zinj Design's motto: ' Changing Lives, One Bead at a Time '.

What are the benefits of using Malulu Dog Collars?

Handmade in Kenya

Glass beads

Free-range Kenyan cow hide and goat leather


Solid brass fastenings are made from recycled taps and padlocks

15-inch overall collar length (including buckle)

0.75-inch collar width

0.75-inch buckle and ‘D’ ring

8-inch beading length

5-inch adjustable tongue

Supports local employment


What size collar would best fit my dog?


Collar Size Example Breeds To Fit Neck Size
Micro Chihuahua 19 - 25cm
Mini Yorkshire Terrier, Jack Russell 25 - 32cm
Small Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Cairn Terrier 32 - 38cm
Medium Collie, Doberman, Rhodesian Ridgeback 38 - 45cm
Large German Shepherd, British Bulldog 45 - 51cm
Large n' Chunky Great Dane, Bloodhound 51 - 63cm


Please Note: Every dog is different and the breeds listed are only guidelines to help you assess which collar is most suitable for your dog. Malulu strongly recommends that you measure your dog’s neck, ensuring two fingers can fit between the collar and their neck to ensure the collar fits comfortably and securely.