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This beautiful bandana is handmade to order from Cornwall with the ultimate quality and comfort in mind.


Proper Dog


Proper Dog



Reference : PDB0012
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What is the Proper Dog Bandana?


This beautiful bandana is handmade in Cornwall with the ultimate comfort and quality in mind.


Give everyone a giggle with this cheeky blue Woodland Fox pattern.


Proper Dog uses double-sided, colourfully patterned polycotton fabric to create their bandanas and finishes them with a satin 'Proper Dog' label.


Please Note: Each Proper Dog bandana is lovingly handmade to order and can take 3-4 days to make, but it is well worth the wait!

What are the key properties of the Proper Dog Bandana?



Made in Cornwall

Made from colourful polycotton fabric with a satin label

Double-sided fabric

Patterns and designs for all occasions

Adjustable to suit



What size does my dog need?


Bandana size Neck Measurements Example Breeds
Small 10-12” Chihuahua, Dachshund
Medium 14-16” Terrier, Spaniel, Beagle
Large 18-24” Labrador, German Shepherd


How do I adjust the bandana?


Adjust by rolling down the fabric to suit your dog.

Ensure the fit is snug but not too tight.

Secure with a double knot.


How do I wash the bandana?


Handwash, or wash at 30 degrees when required.