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SUROSOLVE EAR CLEANER is for regular cleaning of your cat or dog's ears






Cat, Dog

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SUROSOLVE can be used for maintenance cleaning of healthy ears.

  • Maintains cleanliness and hygiene of the ears
  • Avoids the appearance of ear problems.

SUROSOLVE can also be used to cleanse ears that have a tendency to become dirty and develop problems, and can be used in conjunction with any topical ear medication prescribed by your vet.

  • Has a cleansing action
  • Potentiates the effect of antibiotics
  • Helps rebalance the microbial flora of the ear canal
  • Helps prevent ear infections such as Malassezia.

Surosolve contains Tris-EDTA which potentiates the effect of antibiotics.

o EDTA is a chelating agent that destabilises bacterial membranes, causing lysis of the bacteria.
o Tris reinforces the chelating action and has a buffering capacity.

Surosolve also contains:
o PCMX, which is an antiseptic and disinfectant with antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps to balance the microbial flora of the external ear canal.
o Docusate Sodium, which is a cleaning agent and has a ceruminolytic (wax softening) action.

125ml bottle

Tris-EDTA, PCMX, Docusate Sodium, Propylene glycol

For dirty and smelly ears, use once per day, or before medicating, as directed by your vet.

If using pre-medication, let ears dry before applying the topical medicine.

For regular cleaning, use once a week to prevent any wax or dirt build-up.