SPECIFIC Feline Special Care FSW Struvite Dissolution Tray 7 x 100g

Specific FSW Struvite Dissolution is a complete dietary food for the dissolution of struvite stones.
Brand Specific
Manufacturer Dechra
Species Cat
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Why choose Specific FSW Struvite Dissolution?

- Thanks to reduced magnesium and phosphorus levels (components of struvite crystals), the feed helps dissolve and prevent recurrence of struvite urolithiasis.
- The urinary pH between 6.0 and 6.3 helps dissolve existing struvite crystals and prevents the precipitation of new struvite crystals.
- Increased sodium levels promote diuresis, resulting in lower urinary mineral concentrations and increased urinary frequency.

7 x 100g

Pork, beef, fish, corn, sunflower oil, eggs, minerals, fish oil, yeast, ammonium chloride, rice, powdered cellulose, Plantago psyllium seed coatings, vitamins and trace elements, taurine.

Free of antioxidants, colourings and synthetic flavourings.

Once the struvite stones have dissolved (usually after 6-8 weeks), it is advisable to switch to feeding with SPECIFIC FCD Crystal Prevention or SPECIFIC FCD-L Crystal Prevention Light.

- Calcium oxalate, ammonium urate or cystine urolithiasis.
- Concomitant administration of urinary acidifiers.
- Metabolic or renal acidosis.
- Heart failure, hypertension and oedema.
- Growth, gestation, lactation.

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