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VET IQ SERENE-UM Drops are formulated to naturally calm and de-stress your cat or dog.




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Cat, Dog

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VET IQ SERENE-UM Drops are a Calming Solution that are recommended for use in animals having trouble with aggression, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, anxiety, or fireworks.
They are tasty and easy to administer.

Active Ingredients Major Function


Transmission of neural signals in the brain

Vitamin B3

Energy release from foods; brain/nerve cell maintenance


Stabilise and maintain brain/nervous system health


Protein building block; regulation of mood, appetite and sleep


Bone structure maintenance and muscle contraction

Vitamin B6

Amino acid metabolism


Bone formation, cell-mediated immunity and host defense

Vitamin E

Stability of muscular activity and in the regulation of cellular oxidation processes


Prevention and treatment of certain necrotising diseases in domestic animals.

Vitamin D3

Regulation of calcium and phosphorus homeostasis and bone mineralisation

100ml bottle

Please consult your veterinary surgeon if your pet suffers from any anxiety or aggression-based behavioural disorders.

It is ideal to instigate a behavioural modification training plan in conjunction with calming supplements, and your vet or animal behaviour specialist will be best placed to help you work out the best plan for your pet.