Ruff & Tumble Blue Drying Coat - M

Ruff & Tumble Drying Coats are perfect after wet walks or bath-times. Suitable for use on cold or hot days.
Brand Ruff & Tumble
Manufacturer Ruff & Tumble
Species Dog
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Ruff & Tumble Drying Coats are perfect after wet walks or bath-times. Suitable for use on cold or hot days.


These coats have been inspired by horse blankets and are designed to go on over the head and are tailored to fit. Each coat has a wide belly strap that fastens with Velcro and a large neck collar; suitable to wear as a hood or folded down.


The coats are made with top quality, double thickness cotton towelling. This makes the coats super soft, absorbent and comfortable for the dog to wear.


These coats are suitable for use in cold weather as these coats are very warm. They are also great to soak in cold water to create a cooling coat on hot summer days.


All coats are machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat.


Please note:

This product is sent directly by Ruff and Tumble via Royal Mail 1st Class, and can be delivered to the UK mainland only. You will be notified by email when your order is dispatched.

Returns can only be accepted if the product is in pristine condition, in its original packaging with all labels attached, and has not been used or tested.

Tailored to fit

Wide belly strap

Large neck collar

Double thickness cotton towelling

Super soft



Suitable for use in hot or cold weather

Machine washable

Tumble dry at low temperatures


Sizes are adjustable via a towelling ‘belly flap’, simply adjusted with Velcro straps. To determine the right size for your dog, you need to know the length of your dog’s “Topline” (The Topline is measured from the base of the neck to the base of the tail).


Ruff and Tumble recommends that if your dogs measurement does not match this sizing chart, pick the one that is slightly larger.


  Size          Topline                Approx Weight  Breeds
XXXS 7.5 - 9 inches
19 - 22.5cm
1 - 3kg Small Chihuahuas, Teacup Yorkies
XXS 9 - 11 inches
22.5 - 28cm
3 - 5kg Larger Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Miniature Pinschers
XS 11 - 14 inches
28 - 36cm
5 - 8kg Small Terriers, Toy Breeds
S 14 - 17 inches
26 - 44cm
7 - 11kg Most Terriers, Small Cocker Spaniels
M 17 - 20 inches
44 - 51cm
11 - 16kg Cocker Spaniels, Tibetan Terriers, Whippets
M/L 20 - 23 inches
51 - 59cm
16 - 23kg Springer Spaniels, Small Collies
L 23 - 26 inches
59 - 66cm
23 - 29kg Labradors, Small Retrievers, Boxers
XL 25 - 28 inches
64 - 71cm
29 - 40kg Large Labradors, Setters, Golden Retrievers
GSD 28 - 32 inches
71 - 81cm
30 - 50kg German Shepherds, Large Retrievers, Large Setters, Large Greyhounds
MD 32 - 36 inches
81 - 86.5cm
50 - 90kg Giant Breeds, Great Danes, Wolfhounds, Newfoundlands
DM 13.5 - 16 inches
34 - 40.5cm
4.5 - 10kg Miniature Dachshund
DS 19.5 - 23 inches
50 - 58.5cm
9 - 14kg Standard Dachshund
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