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Rimadyl 100mg Palatable Tablets for Dogs (pack of 100)

Rimadyl is used for the relief of joint pain and inflammation in dogs. It is also used to relieve post-operative pain and inflammation in dogs.
Brand Rimadyl
Manufacturer Zoetis
Species Dog
Prescription Type POM-V (Written prescription required)
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Name: Rimadyl 100mg Palatable Tablets for Dogs (pack of 100)

Description: Rimadyl is used for the relief of joint pain and inflammation in dogs. It is also used to relieve post-operative pain and inflammation in dogs.


What is Rimadyl and who is it for?


Rimadyl is a palatable tablet that is used for the relief of pain and chronic inflammation associated with issues such as degenerative joint disease in dogs. It is also used for the management of post-operative pain after surgical procedures in dogs.


This is a Prescription only medicine (POM-V).

Rimadyl is only available with a prescription from your veterinary surgeon.

To check the most up to date information about this product, please read its Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC). It can be viewed here.


100 tablets


What is in Rimadyl?


Square light brown tablets scored down the middle containing as active ingredient 100mg carprofen. 


Each tablet contains:

Active substances:

Carprofen 100 mg


How do I use Rimadyl?


Rimadyl is a prescription product and must be used according to the instructions of your veterinary surgeon.

Please read the product leaflet thoroughly before administering to your pet.

Further advice

Is there any further advice I should know about Rimadyl?



The elimination time of NSAIDs, including carprofen, in the cat is longer than in the dog and the therapeutic index is narrower. In the absence of specific data the use of

Rimadyl Palatable Tablets in the cat is contra-indicated.

Do not exceed the stated dose.

Do not administer other NSAIDs concurrently or within 24 hours of each other. Some NSAIDs may be highly bound to plasma proteins and compete with other highly bound drugs, which can lead to toxic effects.

Do not use in dogs suffering from cardiac, hepatic or renal disease, where there is a possibility of gastro-intestinal ulceration or bleeding, or where there is evidence of a blood dyscrasia or hypersensitivity to the product. As with other NSAIDs there is a risk of rare renal or idiosyncratic hepatic adverse events.

Use in dogs less than 6 weeks of age, or in aged dogs, may involve additional risk. If such use cannot be avoided, such dogs may require a reduced dosage and careful clinical management.

Avoid use in any dehydrated, hypovolaemic or hypotensive dog, as there is a potential risk of increased renal toxicity.

Concurrent administration of potential nephrotoxic drugs should be avoided.

In the absence of any specific studies in pregnant bitches, such use is not indicated.

NSAIDs can cause inhibition of phagocytosis and hence in the treatment of inflammatory conditions associated with bacterial infection, appropriate concurrent antimicrobial therapy should be instigated.

Due to the palatable nature of the tablets, store in a secure location. Severe adverse reaction may occur if large quantities are ingested. If you suspect your dog has consumed Rimadyl Palatable Tablets above the labelled dose, please contact your veterinarian.

There is no specific antidote for carprofen overdosage but general supportive therapy, as applied to clinical overdosage with NSAIDs should be applied.

In the event of accidental ingestion of the tablets, seek medical advice and show the doctor what has been taken.

Wash hands after handling the product.


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