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Pure Dog Wholesome wet dog food is a highly digestible and nutritious, gluten-free diet for dogs. Suitable for all breeds and lifestages.


Pure Dog


Pure Dog



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What is Pure Dog Wholesome wet dog food?


The low temperature, in-can cooking process retains the natural goodness of this complete dog food. All the nutrition a dog needs comes from the simple core ingredients.


Why do some of the tins contain a little water?

Fresh, raw meat, vegetables, fruit, and herbs have a very high-water content (70% to 90%). During a normal cooking process in a vat, the water content turns to steam and is reduced. This food is cooked in the sealed tin, so the liquid is not reduced and remains inside.

Our grain-free recipes do not contain synthetic binding agents (such as cassia gum) in the menus so the liquid is not absorbed nor thickened - the water should be included as part of the meal since it contains many important nutrients.

The grain-free recipes do not contain more liquid than these other recipes which include ancient and pseudo grain. The liquid in these recipes have been absorbed and bound by the millet, buckwheat or oatmeal and is no longer visible.

What are the benefits of using Pure Dog Wholesome wet dog food?


Single protein

100% Organic

Contains ancient or pseudo grains


High meat content

High quality ingredients

Cooked at low temperatures

Cooked in the tin to retain goodness

No additives

No synthetic vitamins

No meal meal or bone

Suitable for all breeds and lifestages


What is in Pure Dog Wholesome Goose & Buckwheat wet dog food?


Organic goose (breast meat and necks), Organic buckwheat, Organic apple, Organic coconut milk, Organic linseed oil.


Protein 8.4%, Fat content 7.2%, Crude fibre 1.2%, Crude ash 1.6%, Moisture 71.0%.

How much Pure Dog Wholesome wet dog food should I feed?


Feeding Guide:

2-6 months: 3% of body weight

From 6 months: 2 to 2.5% of body weight

For seniors: 2% of body weight


This guide is approximate. Adjust the amount to keep your dog lean.

Fresh water must be available at all times.


Store in a cool dry place. Once opened, cover and refrigerate. Use within 48 hours. For best before date and batch code, see base of can.


This is a complete food when dogs receive all the flavours over time.