Protexin Pro-Kolin Enterogenic for Cats & Dogs 30 x 4g

PROTEXIN® Pro-Kolin Enterogenic is a food additive that acts to reinforce the intestinal mucosal barrier in cats and dogs. This aids and assists the intestinal immune system. Enterogenic also works to normalise the balance of good and bad bacteria in the intestine.
Brand Pro Kolin
Manufacturer Protexin
Species Cat, Dog
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PROTEXIN® PRO-KOLIN ENTEROGENIC contains the same probiotics and Preplex prebiotics that can be found in other products in the Protexin companion animal range. 

In addition, Pro-Kolin Enterogenic also contains other prebiotics that can influence the immune system by improving the strength of the mucosal barrier (the barrier that separates the inside of the GI tract from the rest of the body).  

Pro-Kolin Enterogenic has been formulated for pets and animals that have had a digestive upset continuously or intermittently for a period of 3 weeks or more.

PROTEXIN® Pro-Kolin Enterogenic contains specially seleced ingredients that act to reinforce the intestinal mucosal barrier and normalise the balance of friendly bacteria in the gut.

Pro-Kolin Enterogenic contains:

  • Alpha-glucan butyrogenic
    A resistant starch that is fermented by the resident microflora to produce butyrate (a short-chain fatty acid) which is the preferred energy source for colonocytes (the cells lining the large intestine).
  • MPS Protect
    A mucopolysaccharide that reinforces the intestinal mucin.
  • Probiotics
    The EU-registered strain Enterococcus faecium (DSM 10663/ NCIMB 10415) 4b1707.
  • Prebiotics 
    A food source for beneficial bacteria. Pro-Kolin Enterogenic contains Preplex prebiotic (fructo-oligosaccharide and Gum arabic), mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS) and beta-glucans.
  • Artificial beef flavouring
    To improve palatability and compliance.
Box of 30 sachets (4g)


Gut Flora Stabilisers.

Protexin probiotic

Enterococcus faecium (DSM 10663/ NCIMB 10415) 4b1707

2.5 x 1011 CFU/kg; 1 x 109 CFU/sachet

Technological Additives:        
Bentonite-montmorillonite, Preplex® prebiotic – Acacia (Gum arabic)

Sensory Additives:  
Artificial beef flavouring

Resistant starch (Alpha-glucan butyrogenic), Inactivated yeast (Beta-glucan and Mannan-oligosaccharide), Mucopolysaccharide starch (MPS Protect), Preplex® prebiotic (Fructo-oligosaccharide)

Pro-Kolin Enterogenic is presented as sachets of powder.  The contents of the sachet should be mixed with the daily food and eaten within 6 hours.  If mixing with dry food, a small amount of water can be added to encourage the powder to stick to the biscuits/kibble.  Alternatively the powder can be mixed with water but please be advised that the powder does not dissolve fully in water. 

Weight* Daily Amount
<5kg 1/2 sachet
5-15kg 1 sachet
15-35kg 2 sachets
>35kg 3 sachets

Add to the daily food.

It is recommended that Pro-Kolin Enterogenic js used for a minimum of 30 days, as this is when the maximum level of the short-chain fatty acid, butyrate, is produced.  Some improvement from days 7-14 will still be seen since this is when the bacterial population will start to change and the MPS Protect will begin to have its effects.

Pro-Kolin Enterogenic can be used for as long as considered necessary by your veterinary surgeon and in some situations this may be indefinitely.

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