Protexin Cystophan Capsules for Cats (pack of 240)

PROTEXIN® Cystophan provides high level support for feline urinary health.
Brand Cystophan
Manufacturer Protexin
Species Cat
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PROTEXIN® CYSTOPHAN is a food supplement that supports urinary tract health in cats.

A healthy urinary tract is important for a healthy cat. Interactions between several body systems including the bladder and nervous systems can affect your cat’s urinary health. External influences in today’s busy environment can also affect your cat’s state of mind.

Cats with feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC) are known to have deficiencies in the protective glycosaminoglycan (GAG) layer that lines the inside of the bladder. FIC may also lead to Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). Cystophan supports and preserves the protective glycosaminoglycan (GAG) layer of the bladder. 

Cystophan also contains L-tryptophan, which is used in the brain to make serotonin, the happy hormone. Cats that suffer from feline idiopathic cystitis tend to process stress in a different way to other cats. L-tryptophan can help to reduce stress in these cats, in turn reducing the likelihood of idiopathic cystits occurences.


Cystophan contains:

  • N-acetyl D-glucosamine - acts as a building block for glycosaminoglycan (GAGs). 
    Normal healthy bladders have a layer of glycosaminoglycan (GAG) coating them. This layer protects the bladder from direct exposure to urine. Urine activates sensory nerve fibres which the brain perceives as uncomfortable. 
    Supplementing N-acetyl D-glucosamine aims to replenish the defective GAG layer.

  • Hyaluronic acid - one of the main components of the protective GAG layer that lines the bladder. It forms the framework of the GAG layer and it provides a structure for the N-acetyl D-glucosamine building blocks to attach to.

  • L-tryptophan - converted to serotonin, the happy hormone. Serotonin is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that can reduce stress and anxiety in cats.  Cats with FIC are known to process stress differently and potential stressful experiences can act as a trigger for bouts of cystitis.

  • Artificial chicken flavouring - to improve palatability and compliance.

Cystophan is the first nutritional supplement to provide this combination of ingredients. 

Box of 240 capsules

Each Capsule Contains:
N-acetyl D-glucosamine  (125mg)
L-tryptophan  (37.5mg)
Hyaluronic acid  (10mg)

Amino Acids: L-tryptophan

N-acetyl D-glucosamine, Gelatine capsule, Hyaluronic acid, Magnesium stearate

The capsules can be given whole or, to reduce the potential for causing stress, it may be better to open the capsule(s) and sprinkle the palatable contents onto the food.

The oil content of most dry pet food normally allows the powder to coat the biscuits/kibble, but if not then a small amount of water can be added to encourage the powder to stick.

Initially administer according to the guidelines below for at least two weeks:

Cats ≤3kg:     1 capsule daily 
Cats >3kg:      2 capsules daily

For long-term maintenance, administer according to the guidelines below:

Cats ≤3kg:     1 capsule every other day 
Cats >3kg:     1 capsule daily

Give for as long as considered necessary or as advised by your veterinary surgeon.


There are several drugs available that can also increase serotonin levels and these include fluoxetine (Prozac), clomipramine (Clomicalm), selegiline (Selgian) and amitriptyline.  Care should be taken when using Cystophan alongside these drugs.  If in doubt please contact your veterinary surgeon.

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