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Petflex is a broad spectrum bandaging tape suitable for many applications – support, compression and to help secure dressings.




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Reference : PF20002
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Petflex is a high-performance bandaging tape for a broad spectrum of applications – support, compression and to help secure dressings.

Petflex bandage is easy to apply, reposition and remove as the material sticks to itself without the need for pins or tape but doesn’t stick to fur. The straight tearing design means a safe, scissor-free application.

It is ideal for providing support for sprains and strains and to immobilize limbs for splits and casts. The bandage maintains and even compression over time and conforms around contours that are usually difficult to bandage.

  • Immobilize limbs for splints and casts.
  • Provide support for sprains and strains.
  • Support post-cast removal.
  • Maintains even compression over time.
  • Sticks to itself without pins or tape.
  • Conforms around contours that are difficult to bandage.
  • Bandage sticks to itself, but not to fur.
  • Easy to apply, reposition and remove.
  • Scissors-free application.
  • Clean, straight tearing.
10cm Width 4.5m Length; 41g

Method of Use:

1. If necessary, first place a layer of gauze or wound dressing over the area.

2. With the Petflex bandage, wind around the limb/area at approximately 50% stretch. Take care not to apply to tightly as this may impair circulation.

3. Each layer should cover roughly half of the previous layer width.

Petflex Bandaging tape should be removed and reapplied daily.

Please Note: Petflex tape should not be applied directly over open wounds.