Oralade Hydrate+ Cat 330ml

Oralade Hydrate+ Cat is a specially formulated hypotonic drink designed to quickly replenish fluids, minerals, glucose and the nutrients cats need for optimum hydration.
Brand Oralade
Manufacturer Macahl Animal Health
Species Cat
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Why choose Oralade® Hydrate+ Cat?


Oralade® Hydrate+ Cat encourages cats to drink easily during periods of stress, travel, hot weather, food transition, kidney and urinary problems.

Oralade® Hydrate+ Cat is a hypotonic drink specially designed to quickly replenish the liquids, minerals, glucose and nutrients that cats need for optimal hydration. Made with a 100% natural chicken flavour that your cat will love, it encourages them to drink easily when needed. Contains taurine to support eye and heart health.

Hypoallergenic and gluten-free
Made from hydrolyzed chicken. Also suitable for diabetics and cats with kidney problems.


When to use it?

Recovery periods from mild dehydration, stress, heat, travel, food transition, older cats with kidney or urinary problems and more.



• Highly appetizing formula for cats that encourage them to drink easily when needed.
• Rapid absorption, hydration and replenishment of energy reserves
• Promote eye and heart health


100% chicken

A natural chicken flavour that cats love and drink easily even when they are excited, nauseous or stressed.


Unique formula

The unique hypotonic formula replenishes electrolytes; sodium, potassium and chloride which improve fluid absorption, cardio production and help maintain good hydration.


Renewed energy

A 2% glucose solution provides the energy necessary for tired muscles and the digestive system to speed up recovery.


Taurine added

Helps maintain eye and heart health.




What is Oralade Hydrate+ Cat made of?


Ingredients: Purified water, Glucose 2.1%, Minerals 0.65%, Taurine 0.1%, Chicken liver hydrolyzate, Natural flavours.


11kcal per 100ml


Analytical constituents: Crude protein 0.3%, Crude fat 0.1%, Crude fiber 0.1%, Crude moisture 96%, Inorganic material 0.5%, Potassium 0.07%, Sodium 0.10%, Chloride 0.20%, Phosphorus 0.026%, Calcium 0.006%


Feeding Guide:


Cat Size Weight ml/kg Volume per Day
Kitten  > 0,5 kg  > 50  > 25 ml
Medium Cat   > 3 kg  > 50  > 150 ml
Large Cat  > 5 kg  > 50  > 250 ml


Shake well before serving.
To be poured directly into food for better palatability.



Once opened, store in the refrigerator and use within 3 days.
Can be frozen for reuse within 12 months.


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