Lubrithal Ophthalmic Gel 10g

Lubrithal Opthalmic Gel is a lubricating fluid for dry eyes in cat or dogs.
Brand Lubrithal
Manufacturer Dechra
Species Cat, Dog
In stock

LUBRITHAL OPTHALMIC GEL moisturises and soothes your pet's delicate eyes. It contains the active ingredient, carbomer, that helps retain moisture for longer than other eye drops.

LUBRITHAL is perfect for dogs that suffer from dry eye, or for any other condition where the cornea and conjunctiva need soothing support, as recommended by your veterinary surgeon.

10g tube

Water, sorbitol, carbomer 980, sodium hydroxide, cetrimonium, disodium EDTA

Apply approximately 1 to 2 drops per eye twice daily.

Avoid touching the tip of the tube to the surface of the eye.

Use within one month of opening.

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