Logic Prozym Dental Chews for Medium & Large Dogs 285g

LOGIC® PROZYM DENTAL CHEWS are extremely palatable beef and pork rawhide chews for dogs. In addition to the chewing action assisting with the mechanical removal of plaque, the chews are sprayed with the Logic antibacterial enzymes and agents formulated to support dental health in dogs.
Brand Logic
Manufacturer Ceva
Species Dog
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LOGIC® PROZYM DENTAL CHEWS are very palatable beef and pork rawhide chews that are sprayed with the Logic antibacterial enzymes and agents

Logic® Prozym Dental Chews for dogs help prevent plaque build up, long term gum disease, tooth loss, pain and associated weight loss and poor quality of life.

Their unique multi enzyme and antibacterial complex, combined with the chewing action to massage gums and clean teeth of food particles, will result in a healthier mouth and fresher breath. The low calorie chews are easy and convenient to use and should be given to dogs once a day after their final meal.

Ideally the chews should be used in conjunction with brushing with Logic® Oral Hygiene Gel.

LOGIC® PROZYM CHEWS are based on the same multi-enzyme complex as Logic oral hygiene gel.  This complex is stimulated by the chewing action.

?The chews have a pleasant malt taste to help ensure compliance.

Sealed aluminium pouch containing 15 chews
  •  Enzyme complex: amylase, glucoamylase, glucose oxidase, potassium thiocyanate, lactoferrine, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, superoxide dismutase
    This patented enzyme formula attacks bacteria in the mouth and helps removes plaque
  • ? Mild abrasives
  • ? Surfactant

Give one chew once a day, after the final meal of the day.

Give the appropriate size chew to ensure maximum benefit:

  • Small dogs: up to 10 Kg; Small chews - 135g pack
  • Medium/Large dogs: +10Kg; Medium chews - 285g pack/li>

Dental Disease in Dogs and Cats

Studies have shown that dental disease is present in over 89% of dogs and 70% of cats over the age of three.  The disease usually develops in the following stages:

  • Gingivitis – redness of the gums, especially along the gum margin

  • Bad breath – caused by the build of millions of bacteria within the mouth

  • Plaque – a creamy layer on the surface of the tooth that is composed of food debris and bacteria

  • Calculus – formed from the hardening of plaque and has a rough brown appearance

As dental disease progresses, the ligaments holding the teeth to the gums and the underlying bone can also become destroyed resulting in loose teeth, which may require extraction by your veterinary surgeon.  Bacteria within the mouth can also enter the bloodstream and cause damage to other organs in the body, for example the heart, kidney and liver.

If there is a lot of disease within the mouth and/or the teeth are loose then professional cleaning by your veterinary surgeon will be required.  However, even after having a dental, plaque will start building up within hours and therefore homecare is essential in order to help prevent this from occurring.

Logic® Oral Hygiene Gel and Logic® Chews can be used alone or together and, thanks to their advanced veterinary formulation, will destroy bacteria within the mouth, help prevent your pets from developing dental disease (with its painful and harmful consequences) and stop them from getting bad breath!

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