Lintbells YuDIGEST PLUS Sachets for Dogs (pack of 6)

YuDigest Plus provides a veterinary strength complex of prebiotics and beneficial probiotic bacteria, coupled with intestine supporting active ingredients to help restore your dog’s digestive health as quickly as possible after serious digestive upsets or ongoing digestive challenges.
Brand Yudigest
Manufacturer Lintbells
Species Dog
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YuDigest Plus has been developed for serious digestive upsets and ongoing digestive challenges. It combines a fast acting, high-strength bioactive probiotic and prebiotic complex with intestine-supporting active ingredients to restore and support digestive health.

  • Restores the natural balance of gut bacteria
  • Binds bacteria, viruses and toxins
  • Supports the intestinal barrier
  • Encourages healthy digestion

During digestive upsets, bad bacteria can flourish causing an imbalance. YuDigest Plus provides a unique combination of prebiotics and probiotic bacteria to restore your dog's natural digestive balance, as well as a binding agent to get rid of bad bacteria and toxins from the gut, and amino acids, fibre and anti-oxidants to protect and support normal gut function.

Digestive upsets can be a sign of something more serious. If your dog is suffering from a digestive complaint that does not resolve after a couple of days or you are concerned that they are depressed or unwell, please contact your vet.

How YuDigest Plus works for dogs:

  • Each sachet contains 1 billion probiotic Enterococcus faecium E1707 - an EU registered strain of probiotic bacteria approved for dogs to restore and stabilise the natural balance of gut bacteria.

  • Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) are scientifically proven prebiotics that block bad bacteria in the gut and feed the beneficial bacteria that help to maintain digestive health

  • High strength prebiotic Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) have been proven to encourage the production of buyrate (a short chain fatty acid). THis is the preferred energy source for the cells which line the large intestine and helps to support the intestinal barrier.

  • High purity Beta glucans provide a feed source for good bacteria to support the intestinal immune system.

  • Montmorillonite binds bad bacteria and toxins within the digestive system and has been shown to be up to 20 times more effective than other clays such as Kaolin.

  • Threonine, an essential amino acids, helps the cells in the intestine to produce the protective mucin lining often lost in digestive upsets.

  • Linseed meal, a lignan-rich source of fibre and anti-oxidants, supports normal digestive function.
6 sachets

YuDigest Plus has been designed to be easy to use and simple to give to your dog.

Sprinkle the following amounts daily over your dog's food for as long as considered necessary or as advised by your veterinary surgeon.

Daily Feeding Guidelines:


Daily Dose

How many days will a tub last?




Small Dogs
(up to 5kg)

1/2 Sachet




Medium Dogs

1 Sachet




Large Dogs

2 Sachets




Very Large Dogs
(Over 35kg)

3 Sachets




The powder can also be mixed with warm tap water to form a paste. To form a smooth paste, add 10-15ml of water. If you prefer to use a syringe, simply mix 20ml of water with the powder to form a liquid.

Once mixed with water, the paste should be given to your dog immediately and not stored.

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