Get Off My Garden Cat & Dog Repellent Crystals 460g

Get Off My Garden animal repellent crystals help deter fouling on unwanted areas of your garden.
Brand Get Off
Manufacturer Get Off
Species Cat, Dog, Multiple Species
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What is Get Off My Garden animal repellent and who is it for?


Get Off My Garden crystals are an environmentally friendly, effective way to deter animals from fouling on lawns and gardens.


The jelly-like structure makes the cystals highly effective in all weathers.


Get Off My Garden crystals contain Methyl Nonyl Ketone, an oily liquid, that slowly releases a strong citrus odour. This scent confuses the animals sense of smell, harmlessly deterring them from fouling or digging in the area.


Newly fouled or dug areas may only require a single application to become completely effective. However, previously fouled or dug areas can take several treatments to completely eliminate the issue.


100g allows roughly 10sq metres of coverage.


For outdoor use only.


What are the Benefits of using Get Off My Garden animal repellent?


Environmentally friendly

Harmless to animals

Highly effective in all weathers

Slow releasing citrus scent

Helps deter cats, dogs and other wildlife such as foxes

Suitable for use on lawn, gardens, flowerbed, childrens play areas etc

For outdoor use only




How do I use Get Off My Garden animal repellent?


Simply dispose of any fouling, wash the area with clean water from a hose, and scatter the gel crystals on the ground


Take care to keep contact with soft-stemmed plants and grasses to a minimum to avoid discolouration.


Aviod contact with the skin. Wash immediately if contact occurs.


Wash hands after use.


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