Frontline Plus Spot-on for Medium Dogs (pack of 3)

Frontline Plus Spot-on solution is an easy to use, double action treatment and preventative for flea and tick infestations in dogs.

N’oubliez plus de protéger votre animal contre les puces et les tiques avec Pense-bête ANTIbébêtes

Brand Frontline
Manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim
Species Dog
Prescription Type AVM-GSL (OTC licensed veterinary medicine)
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What is Frontline Plus spot-on and who is it for?


Frontline Plus Spot-on solution is an easy to use, double action treatment and preventative for flea and tick infestations in dogs.

The new double action Frontline Plus not only kills fleas and ticks on your pet, it contains active IGR technology that stops flea eggs from hatching and larvae developing in your home.

The new formula prevents the flea eggs from hatching, breaking the flea life cycle, offering enhanced household protection by helping to protect both the pet and the home from infestations.

For continuous flea and tick protection, apply Frontline Plus every 4 weeks.

Suitable for dogs and puppies over 8 weeks old and 2kg. Also suitable for pregnant and lactating bitches.

Not suitable for use on sick or convalescent animals. Do not use on rabbits.


The most up to date Summary of Product Characteristics for this authorised veterinary medicine can be viewed here


Please Note: We may need to contact you for some additional information about your pet, before we can dispense this medicine.

What are the benefits of using Frontline Plus spot-on?


Easy to use

Double action formula

4 weekly treatment

Effective protection

Kill fleas on your pet within 24 hours

Kill ticks on your pet within 48 hours

Kills biting lice

Inhibits the development of eggs and larvae

Protects pet and home

Helps protect against flea and tick re-infestation

3 pipettes

What is in Frontline Plus spot-on?


Active Ingredients:
Fipronil 134mg
(s) methoprene 120.6mg


How do I use Frontline Plus?


Remove Applicator: Lift and remove the plastic tab to expose foil backing. Then peel away the foil. Or use scissors to open

Open Applicator: Hold upright with foil side toward you and snap applicator tip

Apply Frontline Plus: Part your dog's hair between the shoulder blades. Place the applicator tip just above the skin and squeeze. Apply entire contents of the applicator in a single spot directly onto the animal's skin. Do not apply on top of the haircoat. Avoid contact with treated area until dry

Here are some additional tips.

- Remove the dog's collar

- Apply as a spot between your dog's shoulder blades in 1 area that can't be licked

- Avoid touching the wet application spot

- Wait 24 hours to allow solution to dry before bathing or letting your dog swim

- Give each of your dogs its own complete dose

Is there any further advice I should know about Frontline Plus spot-on?


For more information on Frontline, and answers to FAQ, see Frontline Plus for dogs

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