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Science Selective Timothy Hay is bursting with all the nutrients small pets love and is super-fresh and tasty to entice even the fussiest of small pets. It retains the highest levels of fibre and appealing natural aroma and is delicately packed, helping to keep it as good as the day it was cut.


Science Selective


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, Guinea Pig, Mouse, Multiple Species, Rabbit, Rat, Small Mammal

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Reference : SPFOI019
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Selective Timothy Hay is highly palatable and is nutritionally, physiologically and environmentally beneficial for small pets. It is high in fibre, around 25-30%, with an ideally balanced protein content of around 9%, making it perfect to feed ad lib to help keep small pet’s teeth in the very best shape and to help maintain optimum digestive health.

The sun is great at drying grass, but it removes the beneficial nutrients and lush green colour that small pets love. Sun-drying the Timothy grass in the field would take up to six days, but with Science Selective’s special drying process, it is reduced to just three. This halves the amount of time that the Selective Timothy Hay is exposed to the sun’s UV rays, helping to maximise its nutritional benefits.
During the harvesting of Supreme’s UK-grown Selective Timothy Hay, there are six specialist processes involved to help retain the finest quality, so that the tasty long stems remain intact and are bursting with all the nutrients that small pets love.

Selective’s finest quality hay comes from the first cut of the year, from the strongest Timothy grass plants that produce the largest, tastiest seed heads which will help to entice even the fussiest of small pets to chew.

The cut Timothy grass is then spread in the field up to six times over three days to accelerate the drying process and to help retain the highest levels of beneficial nutrients. The damp hay (known as haylage), is then gently raked into a windrow in preparation for baling.

The haylage is carefully collected into large square bales ready to be machine-dried – this process helps to retain the very best nutrients and appealing, natural colour that can otherwise be lost when the hay is dried (and bleached), by the sun’s UV rays.

The hay bales are dried for up to eight hours to remove moisture, help lock in nutrients to help provide the finest quality, tastiest Timothy hay.

  • 100% natural.
  • Great for wearing down teeth.
  • Good source of fibre.
  • Expands to 4 times original size.
  • Suitable for all fibrevores (rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas etc).

100% Timothy Hay.