Audevard Flymax Derm 500ml

Flymax Derm has been formulated by AUDEVARD Laboratories for horses with skin sensitivity caused by insect bites during the summer.
Brand Flymax
Manufacturer Audevard
Species Horse or Pony
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In the summer season, some horses experience recurrent skin reactions at the base of the tail or around the mane, generally caused by bites from small flies known as midges. Its unique formula combines five concentrated essential oils, plus plantain and aloe vera extracts. Its balm format and precision nozzle enable clean and precise application.


Audevard Advice:
Biting midges are more active at the end of the day and the balm should therefore be applied at this time

Ideal for use with skin sensitivities


Raw materials: Water, benzyl benzoate, calendula (essential oil), chlorhexidine, lavandin (essential oil), allantoin, geranium (essential oil), eucalyptus (essential oil), dried plantain extract, Aloe vera.

Flymax Derm is an essential oil product for horses with skin sensitivity caused by insect bites during the summer.

Apply once or twice a day to affected areas.

Midges are more active in the evening so the recommended time to apply Flymax Derm is late afternoon.

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