Edgard & Cooper Bio Organic Luscious Turkey & Chicken 2.5kg

Edgard & Cooper organic kibble is a delicious & wholesome meal made from fresh meat. Gluten-free. For all adult dogs.
Brand Edgard & Cooper
Manufacturer Edgard & Cooper
Species Dog
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What is Edgard & Cooper dry dog food?


Edgard & Cooper dry food is a delicious and wholesome meal made directly from deboned meat with no fillers. It’s packed with the very best protein, which means it is highly nutritious and easily digestible.


Every pack is bursting with tasty veggies, fruit and botanicals, giving dogs all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they need to keep healthy from nose to tail.


This recipe is gluten-free and contains natural prebiotics so it is good for sensitive tummies.


Edgard & Cooper only ever use the best meat, and absolutely no highly processed, over-cooked or dried meat or meat meal. They boost the recipe with super healthy blends of fruits, vegetables and botanicals, specially selected for positive nutrition and great nutritional value. All of these ingredients are then slowly cooked in small batches to keep the great taste and goodness inside!


What makes Edgard & Cooper Bio Organic Luscious Turkey & Chicken so great?


Deboned Organic Turkey: High quality protein for a healthy immune system, and lean meat that is low in calories.

Deboned Organic Chicken: High quality protein for a healthy immune system, and essential vitamins & minerals to help maintain muscle condition.

Organic Chia Seeds: High in fibre, protein, minerals & Omega-3 fatty acids.

Organic Coconut: High in Lauric acid to help fight off bacteria, viruses, moulds & parasites.

Botanicals: Great for holistic wellbeing and general gut health.



Why choose organic?


Organic ingredients have higher welfare standards. On organic farms, animals can roam free and are only fed nutritious, organic diets. Organic farmers also take preventative measures to ensure their animals stay healthy - this means fewer antibiotics and other medicines, which guarantees meat that is free of harmful substances. Organic vegetables are grown in full, fertile soil. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are strictly prohibited, so organic products are pure and full of flavour! Organic farming helps to fight climate change by keeping carbon in the soil. Organic farming also helps to support plant, insect and bird life.


Edgard & Cooper organic recipes contain no GMO ingredients, artificial preservatives or pesticides. This makes organic food the safest choice for your pet.


Is Edgard & Cooper environmentally friendly?


All this goodness is packed in special compostable & recyclable packaging, made using 100% biodegradable materials such as corn waste, or recyclable aluminium. Even the images and text on the packaging are printed using 100% water-based inks with no nasty chemicals. The locally sourced fresh ingredients mean fewer food miles and a lower carbon footprint.


How does Edgard & Cooper lend a helping paw?


Edgard & Cooper are very lucky dogs! They have warm and cosy sleeping spots, deliciously wholesome meals daily, and tons of cuddles from their owners. However, not all dogs are as lucky. Edgard & Cooper know this, and make sure that 10% of their profits go to charity - they are currently supporting the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka, where millions of dogs live on the streets. To find out more, simply go to edgardcooperfoundation.org.

What are the benefits of feeding Edgard & Cooper dry dog food?


Made from fresh, deboned meat

No meat fillers (e.g. meal or dried)

No artificial colours or flavourings

No corn, wheat or soy

All organic ingredients

Healthy fruits, vegetables & herbs

Packed with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants


Contains natural prebiotics

Easily digestible

Recyclable packaging

Suitable for all breeds of adult dog

Ideal for sensitive stomachs


What is in Edgard & Cooper Bio Organic Luscious Turkey & Chicken dry dog food?


Ingredients: Organic Fresh Chicken* 25%, Organic Rice Protein*, Organic Whole Rice*, Organic Whole Millet*, Organic Whole Oats*, Organic Fresh Turkey* 5%, Organic Pork Gravy*, Organic Chicken Fat*, Organic Tomatoes* 0.04%, Organic Carrots* 0.04%, Organic Pears* 0.04%, Organic Apple* 0.04%, Organic Chia Seeds* 0.04%, Organic Coconut* 0.04%, Organic Dried Botanicals (Nettle*, Blackberry Leaves*, Fennel*, Caraway*, Chamomile*, Balm*), Minerals.

*Produced from 100% controlled organic farming


Nutritional Additives/kg: Vitamin A 12000 IU, Vitamin D3 1200 IU, Vitamin E 75 mg, Zinc 75mg, Copper 10mg, Iodine 2.1mg, Selenium 0.21mg.


Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 25%, Crude Oils & Fats 13%, Crude Fibres 3.5%, Crude Ash 7.6%, Omega-6 2.9%, Omega-3 0.2%, Calcium 1.15%, Phosphorus 0.9%.


Energy: 366kcal/100g.

How much Edgard & Cooper dry dog food should I feed?


Organic Turkey & Chicken Kibble Feeding Guide

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