Easypill Transit Bars for Dogs 6 x 28g

EASYPILL TRANSIT formula for dogs encourages intestinal transit thus supporting digestive health.
Brand Easypill
Manufacturer VetExchange
Species Dog
In stock

EASYPILL TRANSIT bars contain paraffin oil to soften the stools, lubricate the intestinal mucosa, and stimulate intestinal transit.

EASYPILL TRANSIT is especially recommended for older dogs or sedentary dogs that may be prone to constipation.

The highly palatable formulation of EasyPill means that it is usually accepted spontaneously by the animal. If you are a pet owner who finds tableting their pet a real chore, you can try EasyPill. As a highly palatable and pliable tasty treat EasyPill will provide you with a simple rewarding experience so that you no longer have to fear tableting your pet.

Box containing 6 bars of 28g (precut in 7 portions of 4g) individually wrapped (Net weight: 168g)


Poultry meal, water, glucose syrup, rice starch, soybean lecithin, paraffin oil, sunflower oil, palatability enhancer, preservatives,  EC-authorised antioxidants and additives.

Crude protein: 29% Humidity: 22%, crude fat: 12%, crude ash: 10%, crude fiber: 1%

Give 1 portion per 5kg of bodyweight once a day for 5 days, or as directed by your veterinary surgeon.

Ask your veterinary surgeon for advice before use or extension of use of this product.

Always keep plenty of fresh water available.

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