Easypill Digest Comfort Cat 20 x 2g

Easypill Digest Comfort Cat is a supplement for the support of cats with acute intestinal absorption disorders. Formerly Easypill Smectite for Cats.
Brand Easypill
Manufacturer VetExchange
Species Cat
In stock

EasyPill Digest Comfort Cat contributes to preserve the digestive balance of the cat in case of digestive upsets. It is due to its content of highly quality proteins, highly quality fibers and electrolytes.

The EasyPill concept makes administration a real pleasure thanks to its soft and chewable texture and its unique flavor acclaimed by the cats.

EasyPill Digest Comfort Cat is gluten free.

Box containing 20 pellets

Cut out one of the upper corner of the bag so that the bag can be easily closed again with a clip.


Put the pellets in the cat’s bowl. Leave some time for the cat to explore the pellet. It may take a long time before the cat eats the pellet. 

Give 2 pellets in the morning and 2 in the evening. Give free access to fresh water.


Duration: Repeat for 3 or 5 days (Supplementation can be terminated if feces are graded 3 to 4 on Bristol stool scale).

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