Cavalesse for Horses 3 x 20g

Cavalesse is a food supplement for horses and ponies that are generally itchy during the summer.
Brand Fidavet
Manufacturer Ornis
Species Horse or Pony
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What is cavalesse?


Cavalesse is a nutritional supplement specially formulated for horses and ponies.


This natural supplement contains a number of natural ingredients, with a notable key ingredient being nicotinamide (a water soluble form of Vitamin B3).


Nicotinamide is known to help balance the natural immune response within the skin. This helps to maintain heathy skin in horses and ponies that are prone to allergies in the spring and summer.


How does Cavalesse work?


The nicotinamide in Cavalesse has a number of beneficial actions on the skin. It reduces the product of histamine, and improves the skin barrier by increasing the amount of natural fats in the skins surface. 


This means that the nicotinamide will help to keep your horses skin healthy, even during the allergy season.


Natural nicotinamide is easy to administer and has minimal side-effects when used topically or orally.

3 x 20g sachets

What is in Cavalesse?




Nicotinamide ..... 99%

Sodium bicarbonate

How do I use Cavalesse?


Recommended daily quantities:

Horses and ponies under 500kg: 2ml per day

Horses over 500kg: 3ml daily




Dilute a bag of Cavalesse in 80 ml of water.

Administer the solution once a day using the pipette provided.

Add the oral solution to a handful of food or treats.


Please Note: Do not pour directly into the feeder.

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