Audevard Confidence Equine 10 x 5ml

ConfidenceEQ® is a nasal gel application that helps support and comfort horses and ponies during potentially stressful events. It is the first and only pheromone analogue identical to the equine maternal pheromone secreted by dams after foaling to reassure the foal.
Brand Confidence EQ
Manufacturer Audevard
Species Horse or Pony
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ConfidenceEQ® is a synthetic copy of the equine appeasing pheromone.

Since equine appeasing pheromone was identified, numerous studies have been conducted confirming its efficacy in controlling stress in commonly encountered situations in horses of all ages including, loading, travelling, environmental changes, training, events, and social situations (weaning, farrier visits, vet visits)


Confidence EQ® is a non-doping product.

Confidence EQ® is recommended for young or nervous horses exposed to potentially stressful situations such as:

  • Travel, boarding, unloading (e.g. from truck, air, or rail)
  • Changes in the environment, e.g. travelling, new riding trails, a change in lodging, a new owner.
  • Training, e.g. learning a new dressage movement
  • Social situations, e.g. foal separation from the mother, new paddock-mates.
  • Healthcare, e.g. vet or farrier visits, clipping.
  • Predictable events involving "scary factors", e.g. thunderstorms, gunfire, fireworks, crowds, nearby car or bike races.

In cases of serious behavioural disorder, a complete physical examination by a veterinary surgeon is recommended to establish a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


One box containing 10 sachets of gel (5ml)


Equine maternal pheromone analogue ................. 1%
Excipient 5 ml


  • imageOpen the sachet
  • imagePut the gel on your fingers
  • imageApply just inside the nostrils.
  • You may notice a flexing of the top lip called the Flehmen's Response. This natural behaviour is how horses receive and interpret pheromones.
  • imageApply 30 minutes before the stressful situation. The effect should last for 150 minutes.

Further advice

Apply the single-packet gel to the nostrils of your horse and you'll see the science in action. You may even notice a flexing of the top lip called the Flehmen's Response. This natural behaviour is how horses receive and interpret pheromones. Special nerve bundles in your horse's nose receive the pheromone molecules and send them to the brain. The brain interprets the pheromones to give the horse a sense of calm that increases focus and ability to learn.

ConfidenceEQ works in 30 minutes and the effect will last for 2.5hr after application


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