Aniwell Filta-Clear Sun Block for Pets 50g

Aniwell Filta-Clear is a clear, protective antibacterial sunblock cream suitable for cats, dogs, horses, sheep, and goats. Soothes and protects irritated skin or can be simply used as a sun protection cream for your pet. Ideal for use on horses in equestrian events.
Brand Aniwell
Manufacturer Aniwell
Species Cat, Dog, Horse or Pony, Goat, Multiple Species, Other
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What is Aniwell Filta-Clear Sun Block?


Aniwell Filta-Clear acts as a total sun block. It is an antibacterial protective skin cover for damaged skin areas and can rub in to provide a translucent or near-clear film suitable for use on horses, cats, and dogs. The fine film minimises rub off on furniture or carpets.


Filta-Clear contains Bitrex - an extremely bitter compound that will deter or stop licking of the affected area. This makes Filta-Clear ideal to put over wounds. However, it is not suitable to apply to the teats of lactating animals, around the mouth area and is not to be used for dairy cows.


Aniwell Filta-Clear is specifically designed for use on large and small animals and is ideal for use in equestrian eventing such as dressage, show jumping or showing when external markings may be a distraction or are not permitted.


Filta-Clear also stimulates the properties of undamaged skin - allowing for moist wound healing, whilst still offering sun protection by minimising any further damage to new skin cells.


Aniwell Filta-Clear is non-reactive. This is due to the non-absorbed, inert value of the Microfine Titanium dioxide used.


How much sun protection does Aniwell Filta-Clear offer?

FiltaClear® Cream is a total sunblock when a visible cover coating is in place. The cream may be applied to any skin area. Re-apply when filming (white) is not visible.

The Microfine Titanium dioxide is reflective and is not absorbed.

The SPF and UVA/UVB protection is maintained while the visible coating is in place.


Scientific Analysis:

SPF: 24 - 27 (FDA >15 = ultra protection)

UVA/UVB Ratio: 0.6 (Category descriptor: 0.6 - 0.8 = superior)


What are the benefits of using Aniwell Filta-Clear Sun Block?


Translucent film

Suitable for use on cats, dogs, horses, sheep & goats

Suitable for use on puppies & kittens

Antibacterial properties

Total sunblock

Suitable for use on damaged and healthy skin

Minimises rub off onto furniture or carpets

Ideal for use in equestrian eventing

Contains Bitrex - deters licking

Stimulates wound healing

Minimises further sun damage to new skin cells





What is in Aniwell Filta-Clear Sun Block?


Active Ingredients:

Microfine Titanium Dioxide (20nm) USP 10.0%

Bronopol BP 0.1%

Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol (DCBA) 0.15%


How do I use Aniwell Filta-Clear Sun Block?


Instructions for use:


Cover the area to be treated (sun protection or damaged skin area) with a thin visible film. This can be gently massaged in to provide sun blocking action up to 8 hours.

A thick layer of Filta-Clear may be used for longer sun blocking protection and as an antibacterial cover.

Re-apply Filta-Clear to the area for 2-3 days without removing the original cover.

After this period, gently remove the Filta-Clear from the area by using warm water and a mild soap or dilute antiseptic solution.

Pat or air-dry (do not rub) and recover with Filta-Clear. If used on damaged skin areas - hair will regrow naturally on the area.


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