Adaptil Spray 60ml

ADAPTIL Spray helps make travel and visits to the vet or to the groomer less stressful. It is a convenient formulation for intermittent use, especially when on the go!
Brand Adaptil
Manufacturer Ceva
Species Dog
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Adaptil is a chemical copy of the dog appeasing pheromone (D.A.P.) released by a mother dog from her mammary area after her puppies’ birth. It’s involved in the attachment process between the mother and her offspring. This pheromone is a comforting message providing a strong signal of security to puppies as they explore the world and face so many challenges. 

Adaptil has been proven to provide reassurance to puppies and dogs of all ages, helping them feel safe and secure when encountering new experiences, unknown environments and other stressful situations.

Adaptil diffused in the proximity of a dog mimicks the natural dog appeasing pheromone, as a reassuring message. As a consequence, it helps prevent or control stress or fear-related behavioural signs.

Adaptil comes from the analysis of multiple samples from the natural secretion from dogs belonging to different breeds and different sex (male, female) and sexual status (entire, neutered or spayed).

Adaptil is the perfect copy of the native secretion identified to be common to all dogs. It has been tested in numerous trials and clinical conditions.

Adaptil Spray can be sprayed directly on:

  • your dog’s bedding
  • inside crates
  • indoor kennels
  • in the car
60ml spray bottle
Canine Appeasing Pheromone Analogue 5%
  1. Shake the bottle
  2. Spray 8 to 10 pumps of Adaptil 15 minutes prior to expected effects and before the dog is introduced into the sprayed environment (car, carrier, kennel etc…).
  3. Effects should last approximately 4-5 hours, although each animal will respond differently.
  4. Reapply after this time or if you notice a reduced effect. ADAPTIL® Spray can be applied directly on bedding, inside crates, indoor kennels , or in the car, but be sure to apply without the dog in the area to be sprayed (particularly inside the carrier or crate) and allow enough time (15 min) for alcohol evaporation.

Adaptil Spray should not be directly sprayed on animals or near an animal’s face.

ADAPTIL® Spray helps puppies and adult dogs in situations they may find worrisome or which make them apprehensive:

  • Travelling, vet visits, visits to the groomer
  • other challenging situations (adoption, moving house, new member of the family, staying in a kennel, staying alone at home, fireworks, thunderstorm, training), in combination with ADAPTIL® Diffuser or ADAPTIL® Collar to provide optimal results.

ADAPTIL® Spray can also be used under direction from a veterinarian or behaviorist and alongside behavioral therapy to help in the management of clinical behavior problems such as separation-related problems, noise sensitivities, etc.

ADAPTIL® Spray is not recommended for use in cases of hyperactivity or aggression.

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